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Figured I would post the hits from my wife's boxes of ginter...

Aramis Ramirez Jersey
Nelson Cruz Jersey
Edison Volquez Jersey
Brett Gardner Bat
Drew Stubbs Jersey

Michael Young Rip Card 19/75

She did rip it and out of Young's belly she got.....

Sabathia Mini EXT
very makes up for no autos! my 2 boxes produced 2 autos but no rips
Ya, she was like super excited she got her first rip card.... She wasn't sure what is was at first because she didn't get one out of the boxes of last years ginter she bought.
check me for the aramis relic if its FT
What ya doing with the EXT mini?
at this point she is keeping it sry
Dang. Bummer. Rip cards are so exciting and such a let down most of the time.
ive never had a rip or and ex, can u post a pic? and if she decides to get rid of it let me know! congrats!
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