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(07-21-2011 11:27 AM)shezdoni Wrote: [ -> ]Go cry me a river some place else, buying sports card is the same as playing the lottery, you spend your money and you take your chances, and just like lottery ticket's, you can only collect the prize until a certain period of time, which is usually a year, then after that tough tiddlywinks.

And it is no different than scamming someone on here, stealing is stealing no matter which way you look at it or who you stole it from.

It certainly is way different then stealing from someone on here, a company which has plenty of cash and the resources to not care if someone gets an edge once in a while as they always have the edge VS a regular good old person on Beckett getting screwed out of cards. I never attempted to "cry a river" at this point your the one who's crying, lighten up a little bit and don't be such a jerk, I don't care how long you've been on here, no reason to be mean and act like your word is king and attempt to get a cheap laugh making fun of me.

All I was simply stating is that the card companies have the edge on a collector 99% of the time, why not let a good guy who had misfortune get something back? Way different then someone stealing from another collector and causing them misfortune on purpose, I am sure Panini can take the hit. Not to mention they owe people on these boards 100s of redemptions, God forbid one of out make it out on top over them.
(07-21-2011 10:06 AM)shezdoni Wrote: [ -> ]Actually attempt that and I am sure Floydtown will do the right thing and place you on the perma ban list.

It's happened many times before to people that attempted doing that, it's basically the same thing as scamming someone else here for cards, it's your fault it was damaged, not the companies, so why should they have to reimburse you for your own mistake?

Chill out shezdoni, I never said I was going to send it back for replacement... I think the earlier comment was made as a joke and that's how I took it. Also I never said it was their fault, I took responsibility for what happened of you read my first post.
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