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Rick and I went through an intense trade talk today. Something like 65 comments and probably a dozen counter offers back and forth. And I mean we (mostly me) kept adding back in cards and adding cards on both ends to try and make the deal. The bottom line is I left with only 1 less than I wanted, and I think we came to a fair deal. He stuck with it and we worked through it and I appreciate it.

A lot of times, I notice people cancel right away of they don't like a certain set up. And while our trade was intense and insane at times, nobody walked away just off the cuff. We talked it out, gave explantions to help understand each other and we put together a killer trade with close to $800 in total book value at stake.

I just want to acknowledge my appreciation to him.
Wow that's a big trade.I thought ours was big,but that's nothing compared to this.
thats awesome, nice job guys!
The pleasure was all mine buddy. Definitely a fun unique and one of the largest trades Ive made. Not to mention a new Marino auto for the PC. Hopefully this will be the first of many!!!
I don't thin Rick ever just cancels-he likes to bargain...Plus he's pretty easy to deal with
show them marino's
nice congrats on a deal
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