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Full Version: 2008 Sterling box
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Wife got me a box of 2008 Bowman Sterling to celebrate doing so good in class. She got the box 1/2 off which is pretty cool. 19 hits in all if you count the 2 redeptions (Matt Flynn base gold parallel and Fred Davis base autos). Notables were Tony Romo jersey /349, Reggie Wayne jersey /349, Ray Rice rc jersey /569, Chad Henne rc jersey blue /399 and these two:

[Image: Sterling3.jpg]

My first 1/1 pulled ever:

[Image: Sterling1.jpg]
[Image: Sterling2.jpg]

All are loaded in my trade page. Looking for Steelers in return. Thanks for lookin!
Congrats I've yet to pull one but it's gonna happen some day lol.
Awesome 1/1 hit, congrats. You may have a chance at getting those redeemed if you call them.
(07-20-2011 11:14 PM)mik253 Wrote: [ -> ]Awesome 1/1 hit, congrats. You may have a chance at getting those redeemed if you call them.

Haha I know you are hoping so Smile
(07-20-2011 11:16 PM)deuce6000 Wrote: [ -> ]Haha I know you are hoping so Smile

I have a few of those Davis autos already.. Smile
Nice box! Half-off boxes are always awesome, no matter what you get. I'd be interested in that Jordy if it's FT.
lol I should of known mik Smile
This for the Hardy

[Image: BenRoethlisbergerLCM.jpg]
Topps is a joke when it comes to expired redemptions. My bro got me a box of this last Christmas and I pulled a rc chris johnson jersey auto redemption and tried to call it in. the guy who answered sounded like he hated his job and pretty much told me that it sucks to be me. He ended sending me 8 packs of retail garbage. The rest of my box wasn't bad though. Pulled a felix jones jersey auto and a John David booty gold rc jersey auto that had the "Vik" from the Vikings logo. That box would have been amazing if he let me redeem the product that they sold to me. And that's my rant for the day. Nice break btw.
Did you happen to pull any Jonathan Stewart? Congrats on the 1/1!!
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