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Bryce Harper Base. Bryce Harper Refractor #/777 Brandon Belt Refractor #/500
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Interested in the McGriff...what are you looking for in return?
PM coming about the previous conversation we had on the Killebrew
check me for the harpers, the belt and the greinke lee sabathia
(07-20-2011 02:46 PM)alberj24 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the harpers, the belt and the greinke lee sabathia

Highest BV I saw you have for trade is $50. Couldnt find anything
check me for the C.C and the king felix autos.
Open offer sent. Thanks and LMK!

Im interested in Bryce Harper Base AND Bryce Harper Refractor #/777
Check me on the Helton please...Thank you
Finally found the bottom, could use the Hornsby and maybe the Killer...Mel
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