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Got a super sweet package in the mail from a sweet young lady from Colorado late last week, here's the goodies.
[Image: Image-17.jpg]
2/5, 3/10, 6/10!
[Image: Image3-3.jpg]
Jimbo 3/25
[Image: Image2-3.jpg]
[Image: Image4-3.jpg]
GG 26/30 (26+30=56=rookie year jersey number=1/1! Woot.)
From Chibears:
Certified Stamp 6/50 (6+50=56=you can see where this is going)
Funny, I just realized these are only about the third and fourth college game used Gholston cards I have. Need to step it up!
Thanks for looking!
Sweet cards from two great members congrats.
Wow, you got some great freebies from 2 of the best members here! Sweet! Smile

Love those TOTT patches by the way.
Thanks guys, I still haven't put the TTOT away, they are too fun to play with lol.
Right on, those are some sweet looking goodies.
great looking colors, congratulations
Wendy is a cool chick.Especially for 29!
(07-19-2011 09:07 PM)htoutlaws Wrote: [ -> ]Wendy is a cool chick.Especially for 29!

Cool chick?? HOT lady is more like it....
; )

but i got this fantastic hat and a greg olsen SP auto patch!
[Image: 019-3.jpg]
you are too kind my friend... all i had was that gholie and the OSU all american WR guy.. we need to find more Gholie college stuff is right!
Wow. Sick patches on those Galloways, Gonzo! Way to go, RW and chibears!
You're welcome Gonzo!!! So glad I could help you with some new Gholston's and that Jimbo OSU jersey. Smile

And chibears, you make me Blush
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