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Hey everyone,

My very first post involves something almost too hard to belive.

Tore into a box of 2010/11 Playoff Contenders this afternoon and in one of the packs I found a Steve Yzerman Holo FX card from SP Authentic. I couldn't really believe it!

Anyone ever heard of or experienced something like this? Should I bring it to Panini's attention or Upper Deck?

Bottom line is how could an Upper Deck card find it's way into a Panini product?
Where did you buy the box? Obviously looks like you got a box that has been tampered with.
Woah, sounds to me like your box was most likely tampered with, what were the hits?
Hey guys,

Naturally first thing that crossed my mind too but the box itself was totally sealed and the packages showed no signs of being tampered with. I got it from a sportscard store on ebay.

I believe it was tampered with but on the factory level. Either someone replaced a card with the Yzerman OR Panini was trying to replicate in some manner what Upper Deck produces.

I honestly wouldn't believe it...if it didn't happen to me!
And the hits were?
They all seemed pretty standard/as advertised however was missing a rookie Sig...only got 3...don't suppose my signed "Taylor Hall" ended up in the pocket of a Panini Employee did it?
Hmmm... does the dealer on the bay have a good track record? Fishy you would be missing a 'HIT' also..
Great Track record...I'm telling honestly I've looked at all the angles there's something fishy going on here..
that is strange

i can see if it is same company, like donruss in your box
This all seems very strange. Maybe the guy can shrink wrap his own stuff and has a way of resealing the packs. Something isn't right though.
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