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I was contacted this weekend by totter to see if I would have any interest in a 2010 Topps Magic chrome auto of 10, and needless to say ummm YES !!

So struck a trade with him and to my surprise what he wanted in return was beyond fair, being as I was prepared to give more than he was asking.

So thank you totter for the AWESOME PC addition.

[Image: 001-1.jpg]

Big Grin
That's totally sweet Mik!!! Way to go Totter!!!!
Awesome addition!!
I love those Magic Chromes it's good when you can get a fair deal with no hassle. Nice pickup.
SICK addition buddy, congrats!
Sick card, Mik!
Wow, cool card. I've never seen a chrome one!
Nice card! Nice work, totter! One example of a great trader who's not active on the boards much.
Thanks for all the comments. uwash97 is correct, totter has has made his way to my list with this one.
Totter is a great trader... I've done two deals with him and they are always smooth, fair and fun... A real asset to the community!
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