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Just wanted to share I absolutely love watching online box breaks.
I mostly check Chris's The HobbyBox channel on YouTube because they're quick vids and you get a nice variety of sets.

Living in Spain I have limited access to boxes and in addition I have little money to spend, so watching how other people open their boxes kind of gives me the same fix, lol!
Yeah, I love watching them too........except for my issue of how they handle the cards. Smile I know I'm very picky in this matter, and I've gotten over the fact that I don't know how people handle the cards I get in trade, but once a card is in my possession, I treat them all the same. I just can't stand to see someone put their hands, even if they're washed, on the fronts and backs of the cards. I always hold mine by the sides unless it's in a sleeve at least. I see people bust $500 boxes and get a card worth $200 and yet they're touching it with their greasy, dorito covered hands. Smile It kills me. My wife laughs every time my sons try to touch my cards before I've gotten them into sleeves, because they jump from my abrupt motions and then start laughing. Smile I know, OCD has the best of me. lol.
ive been watching the online box busting for the past few years, it kinda helps my cravings, therefore it saves me money lol.
(07-19-2011 11:20 AM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]ive been watching the online box busting for the past few years, it kinda helps my cravings, therefore it saves me money lol.

lol. It makes my cravings worse. Makes me try to find places to pinch pennies so I can get some higher end boxes instead of busting retail all of the time. Though, I'm going to try and refrain from busting for a few months and try to get a couple boxes in combo deals around Christmas. Smile
def stop busting the retail boxes xstream, you can get so much more trade bait out of hobby boxes!!!!! i do my best to stay away from the walmart and target packs, although, the main reason is ive usually already opened the hobby box and dont want to get a bunch of dup base. im not even going to my lcs anymore, ive just been getting my supplies when i buy wax from blowout, the supplies are even cheaper then my lcs, ive said it before and ill say it again, i would love to support my lcs, but when i buy say 3 boxes and supplies from blowout and its $250, but if i did the same thing at my lcs (which doesnt have near as good selection) it would probably be around $325-$350. the biggest example was 06-07 bowman sterling, keep in mind this wasnt that long ago so the product had been out a few years, my lcs had it for $45 a pack or $240 a box (6 packs to a box). i got a box on blowout for $105 i believe, i didnt hit anything to good, but it was a fun break because of all the hits.
It's so hard (this is how you know I have a collecting problem) to walk through Wal-Mart buying groceries, know that there are cards there or walk past the cards because you have to, and NOT get anything. For instance, when I see rack packs for $2.99 and I am collecting that set, I think it's worth it. Or if I know that I might hit a good rookie, I'll take a chance. My wife told me that I should start saying no each time I go to the store, but put that money I would have spent to the side and then get a hobby box later. My only concern with that is then choosing what hobby box to get. But that's why I'm going to shoot for $300-$400 for Christmas, hit up dacardworld and try to get a decent combo deal. I've seen some in the last year that made me wish I could have jumped on it but had $0. However, if I can't get a good combo deal out of it, I think I'm going to try something higher end. I just hope it's not a complete dud. Smile
I hadn't watched these before, and now I wish I hadn't!

Two things bugged me: First, as mentioned earlier, some ppl on there pretty much manhandle their cards, including some guy who pulled a Kobe Finest RC and a Jordan refractor in ONE BOX, not to mention a Jordan base, Nash RC, etc.

Secondly, that guy clearly had the cash to buy a box of 96-97 Finest which can't be had for less than $200 on a REALLY good day. Why can't those of us who value our stuff have that kind of cash to blow?

Also made me want to bust boxes of my own that I can't afford, but that's probably my problem :-P
xstream, i have seen those combo "deals", usually you can add up the price of the boxes, and still not beat blowouts prices, although, sometimes i see dacardworld beat blowout on a certain box by 90 cents, but that doesnt help me because i usually buy several boxes at a time and overall, i have never found cheaper prices then blowout, i have no reason to advertise for them, other then the prices and the sweet hits ive gotten from them. and i forget your a set collector, so i understand you wanting to buy blasters for the base, i for some reason have never cared about set collecting, not even jordan sets. not saying i dont like to have complete jordan sets, i have several box sets, but i just havent found the joy in chasing the sets.
I collect sets kind of for the history of the game. Back when I said I wanted to collect one of every card (man I was naive), I wanted to get one full set of every set. Except inserts or parallels, that'd be too much. But that way I could actually have the course of the NBA history in my possession. Stats, achievements, etc. However, I've decided to limit it to the ones in my Organize. Once I get them taken care of, then I'm going to go one set at a time, instead of trying to get 30 at one time. Smile As for blowout, everytime I've gone to there, there's a lot of stuff that is out of stock. I mean, that might be because they sell a lot, but it's always made me wonder how long I'd have to wait for that box to come in. However, if I have that money around Christmas, I will be shopping around. Smile
I watch box breaks all time. I tell my gf it feeds my need. WRONG, it makes me envious and gives me bad ideas :-P. Hahaha, imso bad man.....I'll go to the shop when I really shouldnt, crack them and hide them from her. That same day i'll buy her flowers. Then the following day, "Hey baby, you wanna see what I got from MVP today??" That way she's ok with it because I brought her flowers and she won't think the reason for buying her flowers was because I was bad but because I Love her and always thinking of her :-) I'm not a bad person I swear! I do really love her but i'm also a little scared of her :-)
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