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Full Version: selling question
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i need some experienced help in selling baseball cards.
I have a collection of 3000+ baseball cards, i'm slowly checking value of them on here, but i need to sell them. We just welcomed into the world my son noah, and my wife wants these cards gone. taking up to much space in the office. How should i sell them, as a lot or piece them out? I would prefer to sell as one lot to save me time. Any help would be very appreciated.
Depends on what you have, if there are the late eighties and nineties cards from the "junk era", you may be better of donating them. I'd be interested if you have some tougher issues.
I would check with your LCS on a place to donate them if they are from the "junk area." I recently sold 16k to a LCS that was looking for large quantities for under $20 and they were all from the early 90's. I was just thankful to get rid of them. But you could always buy a 5k card holder box, put them in there and throw them into a closet with all of her shoes! =)
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