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Traded the 3 (no-name) GU cards for the 9.5 Newton Rookie. Not sure why...I could have easily traded it for another pack and hoped for an auto, but oh well.

Al Horford patch is jumbo #/25

Babbitt was a first rounder but I've never heard of him.

Have a bunch of base and parallel base...if anyone's doing the set lmk and I may be able to help out.

[Image: TotallyCertified.jpg]
I'd be interested in Pistons if you can find anything from me.
I Like any of the Kentucky boys if ya got any
SENSEI!!! Good to see you busting some basketball :-) What happened to you man?? Havnt been busting much lately :-(
interested in the horford
Love the newton
Interested in Lakers and Clippers base.
Interested in the horford!
If you have any Spurs LMK.
Man, I was hoping my Knicks would've traded for Aaron Brooks before the deadline..
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