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Full Version: 2 Boxes of 2010 Epix
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Phone pics, scans will be in bucket later tonight....

Box 1:

Eddie Royal Jersey 286/299
Greg Jennings Jersey (Gone)
Jared Allen Jersey 284/299
Devin McCourtey RC Auto 256/499
Dexter McCluster Auto 059/300

[Image: IMG00072-20110714-1118.jpg]

Box 2:

Matt Ryan Jersey 109/250
Eli Manning Jersey (Gone)
Freddie Barnes RC Auto 300/499
Hines Ward Patch (2 Color w/ stitching) 23/50

[Image: IMG00073-20110714-1121.jpg]

Oh wait.....there was a second card in the pack with the Hines Ward......

Greg Jennings Reebok Logo 3/3 (Some scuffing bottom front right of card) (Gone)

[Image: IMG00074-20110714-1122.jpg]

Most all FT for my set needs or $$. Not sure about the Jennings, probably staying in the PC, unless I get an offer too good to refuse.
Sweet Jennings.
Awesome Jennings! The plain green is nice and the logo is sweet! Congrats! Would make you an offer on them, but there's no way I could come close! Great break though!
anything we could work out for the Hines???
Nice logo
Sweet Jennings! Thats a nice looking card ;-) I dont pc jennings but i'd pc that 1
Sweet Jennings, did you get a Bradford RC?
(07-16-2011 06:40 PM)totally sports Wrote: [ -> ]Sweet Jennings, did you get a Bradford RC?

Out of Epix? Nope.

(07-15-2011 02:50 PM)kennycooks Wrote: [ -> ]anything we could work out for the Hines???

Already traded, sorry.
that is a swell jennings!
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