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I'm sure this topic has been posted here before, but I'm pretty new to this board (as I'm sure are some others), so I thought I'd ask what your dream card(s) is (are). And, of course, if you'd like to share why, please do so. I enjoy stories about card collecting almost as much as collecting itself!

I think my dream card would be a 1954 Topps Al Kaline rookie. I have a reprint, because I'm sure I'll never be able to afford the real thing. I've been a Tigers fan my entire life (I'm 38 years old), and he's Mr. Tiger. I have a modest Al Kaline collection, and trying to grow it one (inexpensive) card at a time.

After that, I think it would be really neat to own a Ty Cobb or Hank Greenberg card from their playing days.

So...what's yours?

- Mickey
My dream card would be a 1948 Bowman Stan Musial....every time i get enough pay pal i just cant pull the trigger and then something else comes up that the $ needs to go modern dream card would be the contenders Tom Brady rookie...not sure if i will ever be able to pull the trigger on that card
1951 bowman Mickey mantle so I can complete my set!
A decent condition 54 ernie banks RC. One day it will be mine.
LOL, When I was a kid... One with me on it...

Now. Joe Jackson auto... Yes I know he was illiterate, but I have seen his signature a few times
1954 Wilson Franks Roy Campanella.
I forgot to include another card I've been wanting forever, but just can't afford yet: the 1964 Topps A.L. Bombers card featuring Al Kaline, Norm Cash, Mickey Mantle and Roger Maris.
Stuck between two choices, either a 1914 Cracker Jack Smokey Joe Wood or an E90-1 American Caramel Joe Jackson. I don't really know why.
Everyone knows my answer to this question because I am working on the set. I just picked up 2 more yesterday and I will post scans in my monthly PC thread. Now I only need 98 more to finish the set except for the big 8 which are really not included in the set
My dream card is a 1933 DeLong #7 Lou Gehrig. I love to get my hands on a vintage Lou Gehrig and this one is my favorite.
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