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Grabbed 2 08-09 UD blasters out of a clearance bin at K-Mart. Target also had some discount packs for me to pick up. Missing a hit out of one of the boxes of UD...I'm sure there is nothing they can do for me anymore, not worth my time really. Here are some of the better cards I pulled:

[Image: img290.jpg]

[Image: img291.jpg]

Im looking to complete the base set and regular starquest sets. All I pulled is loaded in my org and available if I got doubles. Thanks for looking Smile
I have a few starquest, check me for them. Thanks.
open offer sent.
I've got a handful of the starquests as well, along with many base cards (a lot of which I probably haven't loaded to my org). LMK if you see anything you need!
I would still file a QA/QC request with upper deck. I was missing a hit in a Hot Prospects blaster from 08-09 and they still sent me a replcement.

I have a bunch of doubles from this set if you want to check me. I think you have a few low-end set fillers I need too.
Not bad at all
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