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Got a great price on three boxes of 2010 Panini Crown Royale so I broke it down the other day. Here are a few of the better cards.

I think I did ok.

Well it looks like I'm struggling with getting pictures loaded, but here's the list and I'll work on the pictures.

1. Tim Tebow RC autographed 255/299
2. Jordan Shipley PRIME Material Royalty auto - 23/50
3. David Gettis auto rookie BLUE 06/50
4. Riley Cooper RC auto 96/249
5. qty 2 Ricky Sapp auto RC /249
6. Kings of the NFL Adrian Peterson
7. Living Legends Barry Sanders
8. Darren Sproles GOLD 10/25
9. Ronnie Brown GOLD 07/25
10. Jason Witten BLUE 040/100
11. Felix Jones PRIME MATERIAL The Zone 31/50
12. Six other jersey cards numbered to 299.
Is that tebow for trade or sale?
Let's see if I can get this pics posted.

[Image: tebowreducedsize.jpg]

[Image: gettisresized.jpg]

[Image: shipleyresized.jpg]
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