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Full Version: My A&G Retail Pulls
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Figured I would post my somewhat luck with A&G. 5 packs and 1 hanger pack yielded the following:

Mini - Thome,Phillips
Mini A&G Back - Hudson
Mini Black - Butler
Mini - Human Cannonball
Mini - Man in the Iron Mask
Hometown Heros - Heyward,Victorino,Chamberlin,Young,Hart,Hellickson
RC's - McGee, Freeman,Revere
Peter Gammons
Catarrhini - Ascent of Man
Ginter Code Cards - Brian Matusz & Carlos Gonzalez.


Carlos Pena "Travel Day" relic.... cool that is was 3 colors... but really travel day relic??? Oh well... should have guessed with oddball A&G

All inserts can be shipped to anyone who wants to send a Lions, Red WIngs, or Tigers Jersey/Auto card my way!

I take the Carlos Penda, chack my org
Check me for the Joba.
Check me for any and all of those minis please Smile
The travel day relic is actually really cool and highly desired. There is an interesting story behind it:
check me for the hellickson and if its daniel hudson that as well
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