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Hi all just picked up 2 hobby boxes of 03-04 topps finest hobby for $225! did I get a deal havent saw many sold! thx for your input! roger
Considering what might be in those, I would say it's a great deal.
yeah, pretty decent RC year crop wouldn't you say??
thats what im thinking, usually stuff from that year goes for high dollar, 2 boxes of a decent product, it looks like you did good. although, im unsure about the redemptions in this product, if that will hurt your chances of the good pulls.
I believe the only redemptions are the top 13 lottery draft pick cards for the upcoming year guys from 04-05! nothing big in my eyes! would love to uncover a james or wade gold refractor!
may the good luck be with you, that would be nasty!!!!!
don't forget to post the break when you get them! I'm close to procuring a box of 93-94 Finest, hope that'll be a nice break. Good luck with yours!
will do! not counting on anything big but I wasnt with the 97-98 ex 2001 either and I hit that big not bad for my first basketball box coming back to the hobby!
I bought 3 boxes about 6-8 months ago and the best card I pulled was the Wade RC Auto. Awesome card but those other 2 boxes were full of complete crap. I think the best card aside from that was a Kirk Hinrich RC Auto.
I think you got a good deal cause someone on ebay is trying to sell one box for 369 and another for 279.
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