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Had up on baseball boards but spend my time here what is ya'lls opinion.

I was lucky enough to pull a Tim Tebow Topps Finest Auto/100. bk's well. It is my second finest Tebow, I had it up to trade on another trading site over the last few days and here also. I received a trade offer/ suggestion for the Tebow.

It was a Derek Jeter auto from Signature Rookies? numbered to like like 1000 or something high like that( I will need to go back and look at the pic) fot the Finest Tebow Rc auto.

I am not a Yankee fan or hater, but I am a fan of the way Jeter carries himself and is a good role model. But I also know that his stuff might be even for inflated now because of 3,000 hits.

I wouldn't typically trade a card worth 200 for one worth 150 maybe, but with his stuff always high and outta my price range non trade wise. Is this my best option?

Thanks for any advice. Please no, well if you are happy with trades comments. I am wondering if I give the Jeter-mania time to cool down is the a chance for a more PC worthy card. Either way it will be PC like my other finest Tebow, but Signature Rookies also wasn't highlist of Jeters I like?
1000 is a pretty high number are all 1000 autod or are a certain number autod and then the rest aren't? Jeter is a great auto to have and a certain hall of famer. Just trying to answer your question I can see why your having trouble here lol.

I do think Jeter autos will always sell well and be hard to get though. Maybe it is your best option.
i go with jeter on this one. his price swill only go up as he surpasses more milestones and is inducted into the HOF... HOFer vs. young player with Uncertain future? HOF wins everytime IMO
Yup I agree, take the Jeter. You're trading one overhyped player for another at worse and Jeter is HOF. Tebow may too but its waaayyy too early to tell.
Rare early Jeter Auto vs. Tebow /100? Remember, with only 128,000 made, Jeter's 93 Stadium Club Murphy books $100.
lol it's numbered to 128,000?
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