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So i keep looking for a Julius Peppers auto and I just saw that a 2002 playoff contenders box is down to 45-50 right now. I think theres 2 guarenteed autos and 2 memorabilia or auto cards per box. Would this box be worth it even if I dont get a Peppers?
Really? Where the heck you find them that cheap?
On that other site we were on lol the one with the box breaks. Its like
That seems like a great price only thing I would be worried about is redemptions. You know if they have them in there? I'm thinking they do so there is always a chance taken in that situation.
i'm not sure about the redemptions and I know theres prob no way I will pull a peppers, theres only 50 of them that were made lol but theres always a chance. I just didnt know if the rest of the class was worth it incase I didnt get one of his.
Julius Peppers, Dwight Freeney, Brian Westbrook, Ed Reed, David Garrard, Deion Branch, Clinton Portis, Jeremy Shockey, Roy Williams, and Albert Haynesworth!!

Not the best draft class ever. That's what dacardworld has listed.

The quarterbacks from 2002 were pretty much busts Joey Harrington, David Carr, Patrick Ramsey and the list goes on.

Actually it is really a bad draft class after looking at more people in it. Wow..
It was extremely hard to pull one of the good guys though. Where the real money is at, is the veteran auto's like all time contenders, MVP contenders and legendary contenders auto's. It's a decent value overall but dang hard to make your money back.
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