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If this thread gets some action I thought it might be cool to meet some of the sites fine members.... maybe work some in person trading... and talk shop in person... (you know old school style like meSmile....

I live about 45 minutes from the show and can make it any day..
Also.. Those of you that know me and want something graded or if you know of a bargin you need picked up, let me know...
Since I will not have much $$$ to spend myself.. I will be happy to vicariously pick up stuff for you!

Hit this thread and let's meet up!
Little bit of morning bump due to the fact I refuse to believe I am such a doofus that nobody would want to hang out with me next month...

BTW... Hardy, got PM, will look out for you and check a LCS in Columbus I go to that has loads of Buckeye stuff...
Man wish I could go Jeff I would be honored to hook up with ya and do some cardboard slinging. I keep hoping I'll get a load headed that way and can spend a day or so at our Markham terminal so I can slip off in that direction.
keep an eye out for any LeGarrette Blounts you may stumble over!!

have fun, it should be an awesome show
I wish I could. That'd be fun as heck. Too bad my work won't allow me to make it. Sad
hey i wouldnt mind going and meeting some people on this wonderful site. hopefully me and my son could see you there
Im going!
I might go....not in NY so don't know if I should/could.....have vacation that full week and haven't decided yet....any place around there to stay that still has rooms? Might drive it cause I have soooooooo many cards I would want to bring with me as well as buy....
If you drive there will be plenty of rooms much cheaper about 15 minutes north of Rosemont.

I will scope the hall it is at and maybe set a board members meeting time/place..

Lump, good luck!!!! That would be great if you could swing a Midwest run and layover a day or 2..
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