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I started trying to get the "100 greatest Cardinals of all-time" and have maybe 30-40 rookies cards. Need to get back on that!

Nice collections guys!
Finished off my 71 Topps Team set

[Image: img422.jpg] [Image: img421.jpg] [Image: img420.jpg]

[Image: img419.jpg] [Image: img418.jpg] [Image: img417.jpg]

[Image: img416.jpg] [Image: img415.jpg] [Image: img414.jpg]

[Image: img413.jpg] [Image: img412.jpg] [Image: img411.jpg]

[Image: img410.jpg] [Image: img409.jpg] [Image: img408.jpg]

[Image: img407.jpg] [Image: img406.jpg] [Image: img405.jpg]
[Image: img404.jpg] [Image: img403.jpg] [Image: img402.jpg]

[Image: img401.jpg] [Image: img400.jpg] [Image: img399.jpg]

[Image: img398.jpg] [Image: img397.jpg] [Image: img396.jpg]
[Image: img395.jpg] [Image: img394.jpg] [Image: img393.jpg]

[Image: img392.jpg] [Image: img391.jpg] [Image: img390.jpg]

[Image: img389.jpg] [Image: img388.jpg] [Image: img424.jpg]

[Image: img423.jpg]
Nice! Tough set, especially the high numbers.
Took a break for a bit, until I found these a couple of weeks ago.

[Image: img474_zps7e49f5df.jpg][Image: img472_zps0acbd2f9.jpg][Image: img473_zps6b4a554c.jpg]
[Image: img475_zpse267e777.jpg] [Image: img476_zpsc6e09a02.jpg]
[Image: img477_zps3d43e344.jpg] [Image: img478_zps76b69ecf.jpg]

[Image: img479_zps8682e334.jpg] [Image: img481_zps9f455a15.jpg] [Image: img480_zps4591ae68.jpg]
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