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Looking at your pick-ups might be the highlight of my day! Great stuff!
maybe I should show some of my cardinals here....but....mine are in 'well loved condition'...creases welcome (I am cheap)

just finished 66 team set..high numbers sure are tough

update 4/30

[Image: img434.jpg] [Image: img437.jpg]

[Image: img436.jpg] [Image: img435.jpg]

[Image: img433.jpg]
Nice looking Musial!
I like the 63 Musial, and the 54 Moon. haha
Update 5/24
[Image: img458.jpg] [Image: img459.jpg] [Image: img460.jpg]

[Image: img461.jpg] [Image: img462.jpg]

[Image: img457.jpg]
nice pick looking at your cardinal vintage....let me know if any are for trade....i still have those pujols
Apparently, the hands above the head was THE pose back in 1957... Great pick-ups!
Only one today, used my ebay bucks and picked up my first Diamond Stars card

[Image: img471.jpg]
Very nice! I like the Diamond Stars.
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