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1961 Topps Cardinals team set 35% complete

[Image: img341.jpg][Image: img340.jpg][Image: img339.jpg]

[Image: img338.jpg][Image: img337.jpg][Image: img336.jpg]

[Image: img335.jpg][Image: img272.jpg]
Just got in my first T-205

[Image: img354.jpg][Image: img355.jpg]
Those 61's look great and the T205 is very nice.
Keep them coming,
Nice coloring on the Lush
update 4/8

[Image: img362.jpg]
nice card!
VEry Nice on the T205!!
The 61's are nice. Really like the T-205!
Here are two more that came in this week,

[Image: img380.jpg]

[Image: img373.jpg]
A few more new arrivals

[Image: img383.jpg] [Image: img384.jpg]

[Image: img385.jpg] [Image: img386.jpg] [Image: img387.jpg]

The 69's below I have had for a long time just finally got around to digging them out to scan them

[Image: img427.jpg] [Image: img426.jpg]

[Image: img425.jpg] [Image: img428.jpg]
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