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I'll keep an eye out for the bat barrels.
Let me know if I have any of your 09 UDX needs. Thanks!
I have Guerrero Xponential 2 and I'm pretty sure I have Howard Xponential 5 (might be X4, idk)
I'll give everyone a look....thanks alot
sent offers guys, and thanks andrewinnc for checking the bay for me , i appreciate the help. If i didn't have a wife i'd have like 500 in ebay bucks right now, lol
check me for any of your ud x 2009, i have alot listed, im sure i have a few for ya
hey i know i already did a big 2009 x trade with u but i have some die cuts too
alright metsrule and chiefsncard, i'll take a look right now and send something over. thanks alot
(07-08-2011 08:56 PM)chiefsncards275 Wrote: [ -> ]hey i know i already did a big 2009 x trade with u but i have some die cuts too

i pmed you about our first trade. Lmk what happened plz
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