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I was asked why my Armanti PC is not in my PB. I have added them now and will post here. It is a small PC but I have mostly traded for these and bought only a few. I will start with my favorite card just b/c most members have seen it:
[Image: Armanti1-2.jpg]

Here are two more AU's. The first is on-card and was my 1st AE AU(thanks phoenixrising) and the 2nd I got from Floydtown (thanks for my first App. St. AE card).
[Image: AE-Autos.jpg]

Some AE Jersey cards:
[Image: AE-JerseyCards.jpg]

Some AE true RC's:
[Image: AE-TrueRCs.jpg]

My AE Topps Chrome cards (base, orange ref., refractor, AU):
[Image: AE-ToppsChromes.jpg]
If anyone has any of the other parallels, PLZ PM me or send a TO!!!

My Topps Platinum RC and White Parallel + Score Hot Rookies card:
[Image: AE-PlatinumsandHotRookies.jpg]
If anyone has any of the other Platinum Parallels, PLZ PM me or send a TO!!! Thanks for looking and I hope you all enjoyed looking at this tiny PC. Hopefully, (if we have a full season) he will get more time on the field this year.
My phenoms is nowhere as good as yours, ill scan it when it gets in let me post mine. I didnt scan any of the base but mostly all I have are his topps magic Rc's
[Image: ArmantiEdwardsSignificantSignatures.jpg]
[Image: ArmantiEdwardsToppsPrime.jpg]
[Image: ArmantiEdwardsToppsPlatinum.jpg]
[Image: ArmantiEdwardsSpAuthentic.jpg]
[Image: ArmantiEdwardsNFLLogoPatchoutof22.jpg]

Always good to see Appalachian State represented Smile
You have some nice ones too! I love that R&S. I've been trying to get one of those, but I can never afford it when one shows up FS and never have anything someone wants when they post one FT. At least your App. St. one is signed #14 instead of 10. Wink
Yea, I think I got that one in some trade on here lol. Theres one in his Appalachian uni that I want but its too expensive to spend my money on right now.
Good stuff!
Really like the Limited btw. Smile
those are fanmatastic.
(07-07-2011 12:10 AM)gangstippie Wrote: [ -> ]Good stuff!
Really like the Limited btw. Smile

Thanks. I'm surprised that was a smile instead of a couple of winks. Big Grin
(07-07-2011 12:35 AM)biglump007 Wrote: [ -> ]those are fanmatastic.

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Yeah, hahaha!
awesome pc was he a QB in college and was turned into a WR for the NFL
Seeing first hand he was an awesome qb at the 1aa level. His sophomore year was unfair for all teams he played. and yea he was turned into a wr. The panthers did have a wildcat package called the mountaineer package for him.

(07-07-2011 04:10 PM)mcleodfive Wrote: [ -> ]awesome pc was he a QB in college and was turned into a WR for the NFL
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