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the wife and I would like to put a few bucks into paypal for some upcoming purchases (card and non card related)

decided to try this out... have a lot of Nolan Ryan cards

a few mid 80s, most of the rest are 90s base/inserts

127 unique cards, 207 total including duplicates.

BV just over $300

looking for best offer via paypal for the lot shipped (15-25% BV?)

most of the cheaper cards are listed in our organizer, would have to add the others if someone was interested. have scans available of the full lot here:

there are a handful of cards not photo'd there but that is the bulk of them. if anyone is interested in any other 90s player lots let me know (only kept semi stars/stars mostly) let me know and I can definitely work out a good deal for you on them. trying to clear out some space also. told myself I'd keep my collection down to one graded card box for PC and 2 3000 count boxes for trade stuff and am well over that already in the past year
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