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If you have Five, Six, or Eight auto's, that's fine too Smile I'll start with a few...

[Image: 2007LimitedPrimePairingsHinesWardJohnSta...alAuto.jpg]

[Image: 2009ElitePassingTheTorchDualAutographSan...orth-1.jpg]
10/25 (Tone's Jsy Number Smile)

[Image: 2009BowmanSterlingDualAutographSantonioH...lace-1.jpg]

[Image: 2006BowmanSterlingDualAutographSantonioH...Moss-1.jpg]

[Image: 2006BowmanSterlingDualAutographSantonioH...kson-1.jpg]

[Image: 2010SPAuthenticSOTTMikeWallaceEmmanuelSa...alAuto.jpg]

[Image: 2010ToppsMagicLTShonnGreeneDualAuto.jpg]

Let's see everybody else's Smile
I just got this one for my birthday! When I get it in I am going to post it!


[Image: SOTTTriple001.jpg]
[Image: Image6.jpg]
[Image: Image14.jpg]
[Image: Image26.jpg]
[Image: Image25.jpg]
here are some of mine

[Image: 13of15001.jpg]
[Image: 9of15001.jpg]
[Image: 4of10.jpg]
[Image: no-5.jpg]
[Image: no.jpg]
[Image: no113.jpg]
[Image: 43of50001.jpg]
[Image: 56of100.jpg]
[Image: 25of50001.jpg]
[Image: matt001.jpg]
[Image: 109of150001.jpg]
[Image: 8of25001.jpg]

I have 3 more 2010 SP Authentic Chirography Duals incoming too
Joe Theisman / Paul Hornung
Jahvid Best / Ryan Mathews
Reggis Wayne / Jeremy Shockey
Ooooh I see some I like there lump
(07-04-2011 01:23 PM)aviat0rshades Wrote: [ -> ]Ooooh I see some I like there lump

Yeah i know what you mean i saw a double steelers auto my set needs and a triple in gonzo's my set needs lmao
Sweet stuff in here guys here's mine.

[Image: PeytonManningEliManning2010ToppsMagicAut...25of25.jpg]
[Image: AndreBrownHakeemNicks2009SPAuthenticChir...61of75.jpg][Image: BrianOrakpoGrahamHarrell2009UpperDeckDra...05of50.jpg]
I have this one....
[Image: scan0002.jpg]
biglump: your SPA set is looking amazing so far
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