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This is a Super Collection of Mike Thomas aka Money Mike & M80!

I started this collection when my son was born and most of you have seen most of these cards from my older collection thread. I hope you guys enjoy my families collection and remember if you have any Mike Thomas cards that need a better home please feel free to give us a shout.

Special thanks to Wendy, Mik, Pbean, BCCG and many others that made this collection possible.


[Image: thomas_lastname.jpg]

[Image: m80_ttt.jpg]

[Image: ttt_rookieclass.jpg]

[Image: thomas_turner.jpg]

[Image: thomas_harvin.jpg]

[Image: m80_ttt02.jpg]

[Image: thomas_graded.jpg]

[Image: thomas_oneofones.jpg]

[Image: thomas_nationaltreasure.jpg]

[Image: thomas_nationaltreasure01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_leaflimitied.jpg]

[Image: thomas_exquisite.jpg]

[Image: thomas_exquisite01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_gridiron.jpg]

[Image: thomas_gridiron01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_elite.jpg]

[Image: thomas_contenders.jpg]

[Image: thomas_classic_random.jpg]

[Image: thomas_certified03.jpg]

[Image: thomas_certified02.jpg]

[Image: thomas_certified01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_certified.jpg]

[Image: thomas_bowmansterling.jpg]

[Image: thomas_bowmansterling01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_bowman.jpg]

[Image: thomas_absoulteplusrookie.jpg]

[Image: thomas_absoulte02.jpg]

[Image: thomas_absoulte01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_absolute03.jpg]

[Image: thomas_ud.jpg]

[Image: thomas_ttt01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_ttt.jpg]

[Image: thomas_toppsplat.jpg]

[Image: thomas_toppsfinest.jpg]

[Image: thomas_toppschrome.jpg]

[Image: thomas_topps.jpg]

[Image: thomas_threadskings.jpg]

[Image: thomas_threads.jpg]

[Image: thomas_spx01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_spx.jpg]

[Image: thomas_spthreads.jpg]

[Image: thomas_sage01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_sage02.jpg]

[Image: thomas_sage.jpg]

[Image: thomas_rookiestars01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_rookiestars.jpg]

[Image: thomas_randstars.jpg]

[Image: thomas_prestige01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_prestige.jpg]

[Image: thomas_prestig_mayo.jpg]

[Image: thomas_presspass01.jpg]

[Image: thomas_presspass.jpg]
[Image: m_thomas_sameday.jpg]
[Image: m_thomas_11_9.jpg]
[Image: m_thomas_11_7.jpg]
[Image: m_thomas_certified_stamp-1.jpg]
[Image: m_thomas_panini_8x10-1.jpg]
[Image: thomas_inscripition.jpg]

[Image: IMG_5889.jpg]

Sorry for the long list of scans! Thanks for hanging in Smile Will have mail-days in the future Smile Talk to you soon

Wow I definitely would of had fun scanning all of those lol!!!! Little tip though there is no post limit even if it tells you you have more the 10 images just keep hitting "post reply" it will work after a few tries. Very sweet collection.

Oh and if you weren't done posting yet I will delete this so you have all your pics in first post.

I have another one of those star gazing with just the tiny jersey if you are the hoarding type
ya got a little tunnel vision there.... lol was seriously going back-n-forth to my bucket for like 30minutes making sure everything was in there lol.
That national treasures 9.5 is beautiful!!
(07-04-2011 01:20 AM)deuce6000 Wrote: [ -> ]That national treasures 9.5 is beautiful!!

one of my favorites Smile I have a few MJD's that are 9.5 too Smile
Great Collection, I hope the best for him in the NFL, hopefully that weenie Gabbert can zip a ball or two at him
absolutely amazing PC bud Smile
Gorgeous collection Big Grin Mike Thomas has some of the sickest patches I have seen on player's cards.

I have seen some around our LCS that have some sick patches. Will keep my eyes out for ya Smile
WOW! That is an incredible collection! So many great looking auto cards and nasty, nasty patches.
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