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Full Version: Mailday :)
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Just got this in the mail recently. Really like the card as Ken Anderson is one of my favorite players of all time. And it is my first Matty Ice and Schaub auto. Being #d to 10 doesnt hurt either Smile
Lmk what you think guys
[Image: img226.jpg]

(For what its worth its Ryans jersey number 2/10)
Great mailday! Congrats!
Thank you alanch !
Nice card! Weird trio though.
Yeah I know 2 good players and one great one Smile. I actually dont know the reasoning.
Nice Trip !
awesome card id like to figure out why they are together though. i thought it had to do with schaub and matt ryan played for the falcons but i dont think ken anderson did
Nice addition to your collection!!! History with the new, cant go wrong there!!!
Gotta say that is and odd line up of autos for a card but a sweet one none the less and it's an ebay 1/1 to boot !! Congrats.
Very nice pickup!
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