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Hey I had a few questions about score 2011 and was wondering if somebody could anwser them for me

1. Is there a hobby box for Score 2011?
If so where can I get one, because I dont have a LCS

Thanks, I had been looking on dacardworld and blowout cards and all I could find was a 36 pack box, but no hobby.
That is the hobby box.36 packs should be no more than 40 bucks.
Yeah 27.99 on some of the major card dealers around the net.
Yeah and you're not gaurenteed any autos and they don't have jerseys so keep that in mind. Autos fall like 1:4 boxes.
Yea i saw there was no guarantee of autos, lol thats usually the main thing I look at when buying a box. I guess its not much to spend incase I wouldnt get any autos. Thanks for the help. I wonder why they dont have any guarantees
Also aren't the inserts not numbered as well?
They still have all the same subsets like end zone, red zone, scorecard and on and on they must be numbered right?
Opened 4 packs today and was very disappointed. I got a Red Zone, Gold Zone and a Scorecard and they are not #ED. The Red Zone is Newton, so I was very disapointed it was not #ED, Also got a Newton glossy, so the 2 cams really made the packs worth it. I read there are only 4 or 6 autos per case, I forget which was correct. Good luck if you buy any.

Thx, Art
Hmm maybe they just expect us to know what the print runs are on those now lol. Hopefully they will announce a print run soon.
Yea I saw people complaining the cards werent numbered this year. lol I know from the 2008 there was like 10-15 numbered cards in my one box. I dont think i'll get a box unless people startin pulling some good stuff from it
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