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Got a few new things for trade - and lots of random stuff in my org/bucket. Plenty of 2011 Bowman base/inserts/prospects, etc. and some other 2011 stuff too.

Have a look and feel free to send over open offers for anything you might like. My wants are all marked in my org...anything Mark Prior, Kerry Wood or Kurt Warner that I need gets top priority. Thanks!!

[Image: bucksterlingauto.jpg]

[Image: avilessterlingauto.jpg]

[Image: barton206auto.jpg]

[Image: wells2011patch.jpg]

[Image: ynoablue.jpg]

[Image: sinkbeil11blue.jpg]

[Image: morenoprestigestars.jpg]

[Image: garcia11goldref.jpg]

[Image: rowand2011gold.jpg]

[Image: fullerpurple.jpg]

[Image: rodriguezivan2011gold.jpg]

[Image: johnsonjacksonballpark.jpg]

[Image: bournbowmangreen.jpg]

[Image: maybinheritagebat.jpg]

[Image: fukudomegypsyrelic.jpg]

[Image: jepsentopps60auto.jpg]

[Image: layne11green.jpg]
Please check me for the Vladimir and the Kinsler please.
check me for the fuller
check me for the cliff lee
(07-01-2011 08:39 PM)Youngsgirl10 Wrote: [ -> ]Please check me for the Vladimir and the Kinsler please.

Offer sent
(07-01-2011 08:42 PM)msucollector4 Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the fuller

Offer sent
(07-01-2011 08:42 PM)rascrush Wrote: [ -> ]check me for the cliff lee

Didn't see anything I could use right now. Thanks!
Guerrero die cut and Kinsler gone. Thanks Youngsgirl10
Sending an offer for the Ivan gold.
i believe i sent you a smaller offer
Checking out the rest of the offers I've gotten now...and a bump for a new day!
is the back of your scanner gold or do you put a sheet of paper behind the cards? they look so nice like that...
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