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These are all for trade at bv or for sale at prices below

[Image: Posey_Auto.jpg]

[Image: Jeter_Crosby.jpg]

[Image: Griffey_Auto.jpg]

[Image: Mauer_Dual_Auto.jpg]

[Image: Bob_Gibson_GU_Auto.jpg]

[Image: Cards_6_Gu_Front.jpg]
[Image: Cards_6_Gu_Back.jpg]

[Image: Ted_Williams_Griffey_GU.jpg]

[Image: Yount_Gypsy_Queen_Yellow_Plate.jpg]
I'll take the buster. Sent you a pm
awesome cards!... The griffey is temping at that price..
trade sent
moved a couple, anyone else?
check me on the ted williams
(07-01-2011 01:11 PM)rascrush Wrote: [ -> ]check me on the ted williams

sorry just traded.
You like Felix Hernandez?
(07-01-2011 04:05 PM)favre3mvp Wrote: [ -> ]You like Felix Hernandez?
nope sorry
Happy 4th
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