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working on my maddux collection I have amassed a number of duplicates from trading big player for player lots, and buying bulk lots in mass for cheap on ebay here and there.

anyone here looking to start up, or interested in a nice sized stack of maddux cards? most are on the cheap side..and don't really expect a lot out of the group

if you go to click on the trade page sorted by player... it would be 1x of every maddux card listed there (minus the rookies)
(most of them should be listed here...but any of them that aren't I can add if someone is interested in trading for the lot)

in return would be looking for other maddux cards we need, or any braves stuff that catches the eye.. don't really care much about BV for BV just don't have a use for all the extras and would rather someone else who would like them have them

if you'd be interested hit me up!
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