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Full Version: 2011 s2 base for base
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Hello all. I only have a few base cards left to complete the series 2 and i have a bunch of doubles as well. Looking to keep this simple and willing to do a base for base trade. So if you're looking for series 2 cards to complete your set, maybe we can work a deal! I'm also collection several of the inserts as well but i'll make another thread about that another day.

**Base for base**
I need these:

Let me know!

- Rob
I have # 571, 642, 357, and 383. But do you think its possible to do something besides base? because im trying to trade away my topps series 2... So if theirs something else youd be willling to trade just shoot me a message or offer. Thanks.
Perhaps. I have doubles of several inserts. Check it out and let me know.
i may have some take a look i more have been doing series one but its worth checking
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