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lets see your TRUE 1/1 cards... or if you have a ton of em'..please post your BEST ones.
i just love true 1/1s
Here is mine
my fav' by far.. set card : )
[Image: 005-1-1.jpg]
[Image: 006-3-1.jpg]
from my GW PC

[Image: 005-5.jpg]
[Image: 006-6.jpg]
[Image: 004.jpg]
[Image: 005-1.jpg]
[Image: 008-2.jpg]
Only have a couple but here is my fav (Thanks to a trade from Mr.Magnum)............

[Image: scan0469.jpg]

P.S. Nice thread Jeffie!!!!!
i'll just post the front of them...

2009 Cards (Rookie Year)
Absolute Memorabilia Rookie Premiere Materials Autographs 1/1
[Image: StaffordAbsolute1of1.jpg]

Bowman Chrome Superfractor
[Image: BowmanSuperfractorStafford.jpg]

Certified Freshman Fabric Jumbo Mirror Black 1/1
[Image: StaffordCertifiedNFL1of1.jpg]

Donruss Elite Black Status Auto 1/1
[Image: StaffordEliteStatusBlack.jpg]

Finest Moments Autographs White Xfractors 1/1
[Image: StaffordXfractorAuto.jpg]

Finest Printing Plates Black 1/1
[Image: StaffordFinest.jpg]

National Treasures NFL Logo 1/1
[Image: staffordtreasuresNFLlogo.jpg]

Press Pass Printing Plate Auto 1/1
[Image: staffordprintplate.jpg]

UD Black Dual Autographs Blue 1/1
[Image: udblack1of1.jpg]

Upper Deck Heroes Printing Plates Cyan 1/1
[Image: UDHeroesPlate.jpg]

2010 Cards
Certified Platinum Black 1/1
[Image: StaffordCertified.jpg]

Certified Mirror Black Materials 1/1
[Image: StaffordCertifiedNFL.jpg]

Certified Mirror Black Auto 1/1
[Image: certifiedblackautoStafford.jpg]

National Treasures Century Material Signature NFL Tag 1/1
[Image: StaffordNatTreasTagAuto.jpg]

Panini Plates and Patches Jersey Autographs Prime Brand Logo 1/1
[Image: IMAG0077.jpg]

Panini Plates and Patches Printing Plates Black Jersey Autographs 1/1
[Image: PlatesPatchesStafford1of1.jpg]

Topps Draft 75th Anniversary Cut Autographs 1/1
[Image: IMAG0086.jpg]

Topps Supreme Autographs Green 1/1
[Image: ms.jpg]
Only got one,

[Image: DSC02985.jpg]
well If I had a scanner I'd be posting a 2009 UD Heroes Printing Plate Black Tomlinson/Rivers
Love the Garrett Wolfe's chibears!!! That NT and the TTT are awesome!

I have a few, but I think I like these the best. Sorry, the first couple are mixed in with some others:

[Image: img140.jpg]

[Image: img141.jpg]

[Image: img142.jpg]

[Image: img143.jpg]

[Image: img149.jpg]

[Image: img150.jpg]
Ms RW that Ricky Williams 05 Monikers is COMPLETELY SICK!!!! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it Smile
Can I post basketball?
(06-24-2011 10:12 AM)ripkenfan72 Wrote: [ -> ]Ms RW that Ricky Williams 05 Monikers is COMPLETELY SICK!!!! I nearly fell out of my chair when I saw it Smile

Aint it?!!!

Gotta be one of the nicest designs ever. I should post my Portis one just like it! Oh, wait... Undecided
Love the 2003 Leaf Limited collection. That Monikers logo is epic.

But it is nothing compared to these beasts haha:

[Image: carriker1of1.jpg]

[Image: davidball1of1.jpg]

[Image: alston1of1.jpg]

[Image: adambergen1of1.jpg]

Quite possibly to worst collection of 1/1's here haaa. Oh and WTF were they thinking with 2007 contenders...that is not damage, that is the actual design on teh surface.
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