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I enjoy better scans so no worries here man. Its nice to see what your getting and it doesn't run off the page so I think your good.
check me for the posey after the first person. thanks.
like whitey and pee wee ,cmb
Counter offer sent.
Sorry everybody, I made the mistake of posting a baseball and football one at the same time. I just learned a lesson the hard way. I'm a bit overwhelmed now, so please be patient with me, I will respond.
(06-22-2011 09:32 PM)joe callahan13 Wrote: [ -> ]I don't know how to resize the scans, so sorry in advance! People I collect are in my sig.

[Image: BryceHarper.jpg]

[Image: BryceHarperChrome.jpg]

[Image: BusterPoseyGoldRefractor539.jpg]

[Image: HistoricalStampJohnnyAppleseed25.jpg]

[Image: GordonBeckhamPrintingPlate1.jpg]

[Image: AlexRodriguezDiamondDieCut.jpg]

[Image: PaulGoldschmidtPurple700.jpg]

[Image: JuanUrbinaRefractorAuto500.jpg]

[Image: BeltAutoRefractor500.jpg]

[Image: MasonWilliamsAuto500.jpg]

[Image: BrandonJonesAuto30.jpg]

[Image: RickPorcelloAuto10.jpg]

[Image: LoganMorrisonAuto.jpg]

[Image: ChrisSaleAuto500.jpg]

[Image: HowardJohnsonGUBat.jpg]

[Image: PeeWeeReeseJersey75.jpg]

[Image: DonMattinglyJersey40.jpg]

[Image: DerekJeterJersey185.jpg]

[Image: WhiteyFordJersey155.jpg]

[Image: WillieMcCoveyJersey99.jpg]

check me. im interested in a lot of what you posted.
(06-23-2011 07:26 AM)camco2 Wrote: [ -> ]like whitey and pee wee ,cmb

Sorry Camco, I am in talks for both of those. Which is too bad, because you have a Ryan Howard auto I want! Check me and see if there is anything else you see?
Really like the Jeter, Belt Auto, and the McCovey...check out my Org when you get a chance
Check me for the Goldschmidt & Harpers
please check my bucket for the belt auto thanks
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