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I don't know how to resize the scans, so sorry in advance! People I collect are in my sig.

[Image: BryceHarper.jpg]

[Image: BryceHarperChrome.jpg]

[Image: BusterPoseyGoldRefractor539.jpg]

[Image: HistoricalStampJohnnyAppleseed25.jpg]

[Image: GordonBeckhamPrintingPlate1.jpg]

[Image: AlexRodriguezDiamondDieCut.jpg]

[Image: PaulGoldschmidtPurple700.jpg]

[Image: JuanUrbinaRefractorAuto500.jpg]

[Image: BeltAutoRefractor500.jpg]

[Image: MasonWilliamsAuto500.jpg]

[Image: BrandonJonesAuto30.jpg]

[Image: RickPorcelloAuto10.jpg]

[Image: LoganMorrisonAuto.jpg]

[Image: ChrisSaleAuto500.jpg]

[Image: HowardJohnsonGUBat.jpg]

[Image: PeeWeeReeseJersey75.jpg]

[Image: DonMattinglyJersey40.jpg]

[Image: DerekJeterJersey185.jpg]

[Image: WhiteyFordJersey155.jpg]

[Image: WillieMcCoveyJersey99.jpg]
Like the Johnny Appleseed. Lol, I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff. Hope I have something for you...Mel
Don't really have anything in your sig,but please check me I'm interrested in a couple of yours.Thanks
Very nice cards, any Jason Heyward? You can resize in photobucket by clicking "edit" when you mouse over any card, resize of 384 x 512 or 512 x 384 for lasdscape layout is good for multiple scans in 1 post.

[Image: edit.jpg]
I'd love a shot at the Pee Wee Reese. Open offer on the way
Interested in the brandon belt auto and the Appleseed, after you check Mel of course
I need your posey shooting for the set LMK
check me for jeter and ford
check me for the harpers the goldschmidt and the belt
open offer sent
Interested in the Logan Morrison AU
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