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These are all my Kobe cards that are valued 10 bv and above. Thank you to all those ive traded with to receive some of these cards. Like my jordan pc thread, this is just a show and tell thread of my cards and i am going to update them as i get more for my pc. Comments are appreciated.

Kobe Count - 449

[Image: IMG_0015.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0016.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0017.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0018.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0019.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0020.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0021.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0022.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0023.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0024.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0001-8.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0004-4.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0001-10.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-11.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-10.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-12.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0003-9.jpg]
Awesome Collection Ping.... Did you pull the Dribble Kings?
no, i bought that off the bay a while back, wanted a kobe auto for my pc, if i knew i was going to pull the absolute auto... may trade it for a nice jordan or lebron though.
sweet colletion. haha didnt i trade you the timeless treasures jersey /100 of kobe
(06-22-2011 08:05 PM)kukid15 Wrote: [ -> ]sweet colletion. haha didnt i trade you the timeless treasures jersey /100 of kobe
yep, that was from you.
bump, show some love for my b-day hit, finals patch baby.
Sa-weet PC. Like MJ, Kobe cards never disappoint, do they? They seem to look nice always, somehow..
And I will post on everything you put up homie! Dont worry, I see everyone trying and thats all I ask!!! I want some Kobe auto's! Sad Again thank you for sharing! No matter the value or look, juts share! Thank you! Smile
heres a few new ones i got in from trades, the reserve is the gold version and the triple is 39/49.
[Image: IMG_0001-8.jpg]
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