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So I had a guy Im me on Yahoo. Since I use the same user name on several forums I asked him what site he got my messenger name from. He wouldn't answer. So I said ok how can I help you. He stated that I shouldn't have put my Chris Henry collection on here for the collectors issue since Im not a true Chris Henry Collector. Well I asked uh why not? He said he was more a Chris Henry collector then I was. Stated that he had 35 exquisites and 40 Sp Authentics. And 35 Contenders. So I told him thats all fine and good but just because I don't collect dupes doesn't mean Im not a real collector. He got mad saying his cards were not considered dupes etc...

But in the end It made me wonder is he right? I try to get 1 of each card Chris Henry has. But does that make me a true collector? Or should I be like that guy and have 20 something copies of the same card? Atleast before this conversation I thought I had a decent collection. Maybe Im wrong. What do you folks think?

Heres a vid of my collection:
I only collect one of each card of my players. Unless the cards have sweet patches that are different. I don't need or want 35 copies of the same card, PC or not! I'm with you on this one.
no you have a great collection, you dont need to have a bunch of dupes.
I think more unique cards is a greater accomplishment. I'd much rather see a collection full of unique low numbered cards than a collection of say like 30 cards from a set numbered to like 999.
Well, that is weird.
I don't think it's anyone's place to judge. I figure whatever makes you happy, do it. If someone enjoys hoarding, fine. If someone wants one of everything, that is great, too. btw, you have a great collection.
I only collect one of Jerry Rice unless the card is diff..
I have dupes of a few. But they are tech. diff. to me.

Also. What he "claims" to have and what he has is another thing.
He hasn't put his collection up for PROOF obviously.
lmfao that guy is a weirdo and seriously needs to get a life.
I'd rather have 180/200 different cards then 45 of the same cards... seems like a waste of money to me. This guy was wrong in bashing your PC, trying to stay quiet, and acting like he is god.
dont listen to that clown bro.... i have alot of dupes as an OCD collector...some PC collectors only need 1 of each witch is is all in the eyes of the holder.... he sounds like he has "me" issues... and he is taking it out on anyone he can... you have a Fantastic PC brother!!! WHO CARES what anyone else thinks besides YOU...
: )
Total wierdo. I collect one of each (pretty much only what catches my eye). The only reason to get duplicates is if you're sending them to be graded etc...The guy was just trying to act like he's the best Chris Henry collector. Wait til he gets to 99% on one of his then sell it to him for a small fortune. I sold a 2007 Tony Romo exquisite base card that I got for around $3.50 to a guy for $57.??.
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