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Went to Walmart tonight and picked up 2 Blaster boxes of 2011 Prestige.

First box

Pack 1
Draft Pick Rookie - Demarco Murray 67/999
Rookie -Ryan Mallet

Pack 2
Rookie - Delone Carter

Pack 3
Xtra Points Orange - AAron Hernadez
League leaders - Rashard Mendenhall/Steven Jackson
Rookie - Qaun Sturdivant

Pack 4
Rookie - AAron Williams

Pack 5
Rookie - Jimmy Smith
Xtra Points Orange - Rookie - Ryan Kerrigan

Pack 6
Rookie - Von Miller

Pack 7
Srars of the NFL - Vernon Davis
Rookie -Jeremy Kerley

Pack 8
Rookie - Torrey Smith

First box a Dud, Second box coming

2nd Box
1st Pack
Rookie - Derrick Locke

2nd Pack
Prestigious Pros - Marques Colston
Rookie - Randall Cobb

3rd Pack
Rookie - Akeem Ayers

4th Pack
Rookie - Jordan Todman
Rookie - Adrian Clayborn (SP)

5th Pack
Rookie - Christian Ballard

6th Pack
Rookie Review - Ndamukong Suh
Rookie - Leonard Hankerson

7th Pack
Rookie - Christian Ponder

8th Pack
Xtra Points Orange - Rookie - Dwayne Harris
Rookie Jamie Harper

All and All Crappy boxes as usally.
Yeah that sucks unless you're building the set it must feel like you just threw away 40 bucks sorry.
Check me for that Murray
(06-19-2011 06:49 AM)dorkypunkrockerguy Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for that Murray

Sorry not trading right now. Still unpacking everything from the move and i have to build my trading stock back up
I will trade for the Kerley and A Williams if you see anything of mine you like that would work.
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