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***Resurecting this thread from months ago to update with the new story... went to Meijer today to pick up some things... this time had my daughter (2 yrs old) pick out a pack of score football (base) and she grabs a rack pack of S1 and walks to the register, thought ok it up while she is riding the penny horse... and out pops this!

[Image: NolanRyan60.jpg]

Really been on a retail roll lately... hoping it continues into Hockey season!


Yes... it is for trade. Just let me know!


Tested the theory and let me 4 year old son pick out a random packs of 2011 Topps Series 2. Told him to pick the pack with the auto... told me "No Dad... get this one" and pulls 1 of the $5 hanging packs...

Flipping through the cards and ran across a Diamond Sparkle Damion Brown... put down the rest of the cards to see if it was the real deal... turned out just a glare on the regular card... bummed, I started flipping through the rest of the cards and.....

[Image: topps60thschmidt.jpg]
Needless to say... he will be picking out my hockey packs when the card show hits South Bend this weekend!!

I let my wife and kids pick my packs too. I have had some good pulls using that system.
You mean Domonic Brown? And nice hit, never even seen a card like that before
Today i took My son to the Hobby shop And he pulled and Adam Lind silk card(I'll Take him more often)Smile
(06-15-2011 09:50 PM)bustin 5 knots Wrote: [ -> ]You mean Domonic Brown? And nice hit, never even seen a card like that before

Damion... Domonic... close enough right?? lol Smile

I'm hoping that some of the dealers will have some Hobby Hockey packs for the "kids" to buy me for Father's Day this weekend... Tongue

I'd let my wife pick my packs for me , if only i could tell her i was buying them , lol
Thoses 4 year olds have been on a roll they have to be 4 though
Updated up top with the new pull to add to this theory! Smile
I agree with you and that is how I got the card in my sig. I also got a nice Superfractor that way!
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