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Full Version: Contenders box break
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[Image: 2011-06-13_14-41-14_123.jpg]
Redemption is Johansson, Ovechkin/Malkin insert is /100

[Image: 2011-06-13_14-41-30_703.jpg]
Fowler /100 rc

[Image: 2011-06-13_14-39-16_571.jpg]
Nice break.
Interested in the Lidstrom
(06-13-2011 03:38 PM)hockeynick1721 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice break.
Interested in the Lidstrom

Sorry, only selling
Fantastic hit on the Lidstrom! I am so glad to see that the RC's are not ordered in the boxes such as Upper Deck! It's always nice to break a box and NOT get the same four-to-six RC's as you previously had. Thanks for sharing.

Nice lidstrom
I open a pack of contenter recently and almost all the cards got some ink problem.... i need to call the company about that.
very nice hits congrats
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