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i have contacted UFC to see if this auto card of Arianny exists in blue ink regular - not an onyx and not a ruby - just plain blue ink to match all my other almost complete base autos set. their answer "no idea, contact topps". I contacted topps on 3 different occassion in which they finally replied with simply a web link to yet another card list of base autos with Arianny's card listed.

so has anyone actually seen one? i weave through ebay listings and net image searches weekly and cannot even find a picture of a blue ink base auto of her for topps round 4 - but its listed everywhere as existing. Anyone with definite knowledge of this would be so appreciated- i dont want a mix set of onyx and ruby etc etc - just want all the same format, and the lower priced versions - a local card shop here is sure it DOES NOT exist and is only in onyx and ruby

I am almost positive it exists, I know I still need it too, but I had an ebay 'sold average' written down for when the set first came out, and I had completed listings for that on there
Card is now live and looks great...
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