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Haven't posted on here in a long time. Looking to find the last patch of this set that I need. The 2002-03 Upper Deck Premier patch of Teemu Selanne /25. Saw one on E-bay but the seller wouldn't ship to Canada and wouldn't return my e-mails. Let me know if you have one or know someone who does. I sure we can make a deal!
Thought I would bump it again and show what I have so far! Still looking for the Selanne! Anyone!!!!!

[Image: PC-BO.jpg]
[Image: PC-BS.jpg]
[Image: PC-CD.jpg]
[Image: PC-CJ.jpg]
[Image: PC-EL.jpg]
[Image: PC-GR.jpg]
[Image: PC-IK.jpg]
[Image: PC-JI.jpg]
[Image: PC-JJ.jpg]
[Image: PC-JR.jpg]
[Image: PC-JS.jpg]
[Image: PC-JT.jpg]
[Image: PC-MB.jpg]
[Image: PC-MC.jpg]
[Image: PC-MH.jpg]
[Image: PC-ML.jpg]
[Image: PC-MM.jpg]
[Image: PC-MS.jpg]
[Image: PC-OK.jpg]
[Image: PC-PB.jpg]
[Image: PC-PF.jpg]
[Image: PC-PK.jpg]
[Image: PC-PR.jpg]
[Image: PC-RB.jpg]
[Image: PC-SF.jpg]
[Image: PC-SG.jpg]
[Image: PC-SK.jpg]
[Image: PC-SS.jpg]
[Image: PC-SY.jpg]
[Image: PC-TH.jpg]
[Image: PC-WG.jpg]
Good luck in your search. INCREDIBLE COLLECTION!!!
awesome thanks for the share ill keep my eyes peeled
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