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****in no way am I affiliated with Topps! and i hope i dont get in trouble for using their logo! If im breaking any kind of rule, i apologize to Topps and Their Lawyers. Hopefully they're not too upset, I chose them because I like them more than Panini or Upperdeck!

Again just trying to develop my skills with photoshop and mocked up a couple insert cards (these arent real! just using my imagination). decided to go with Andre Johnson and Cortland Finnegan to poke fun at their fight. but let me know what you think

Base Version
[Image: toppsdivisoncollisionbase.jpg]

Patch Version (updated with the word "prime")
[Image: toppsdivisoncollisiondualpatch-1.jpg]

here's my attempt at a set you'd see in a higher-end product. If youve seen some of my work before you know I like to use Player's quotes so i wanted to try it on a card

Namath Sticker auto version first
[Image: namathquotablesticker.jpg]

Namath On card
[Image: namathquotablesupremeoncard.jpg]

Butkus On card
[Image: dickbutkusquotable.jpg]

Butkus w/ "Legendary Quotations" instead of "quotable"
[Image: dickbutkusquotable-1.jpg]


Danny Woodhead dual patch with shattered-type background
[Image: dannywoodheadtoppsdual.jpg]

Basic Background
[Image: dannywoodheadtoppsdual2.jpg]
1st, those are awesome! You have talent!
2nd, if I get my thread removed for Bv I am betting this will be too.

Still, cool!
They look great man you have talent. Ive gotta start playing around with gimp
Haha great choice of players I was Glad Cortland got his friggen butt whooped he's a straight up punk pos.
(05-29-2011 06:19 PM)deuce6000 Wrote: [ -> ]Haha great choice of players I was Glad Cortland got his friggen butt whooped he's a straight up punk pos.

Lol agreed. I hate finnegan, he's a pretty good player tho
Those are some sweet looking cards!
Thanks for the compliments guys! I hope it doesn't get removed i made sure to leave the Trademark in the Topps logo I used just in case..

check out the Prime version:
notice the numbering on the bottom.
I changed the set name to "Division Collisions (plural)" to see how that looked and sounded.
I also added the words prime next to the swatches
Great idea "Division Collision" LMAO Big Grin
Can I ask what program you are using? I'm an artist myself, and Photo Explosion ain't doin it for me
i use photoshop cs5
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