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Here are some of my recent vintage pick-ups, including three for my Ken Boyer PC Smile
Nice, like how the first has "P-nuts"
nice cards!
Very nice pick-ups
Some Memorial Day pick ups at the LCS:

[Image: 002-3.jpg]

[Image: 002a-1.jpg]

And another Boyer for the PC. Thanks to Scottzoe for the trade!

[Image: 002b.jpg]
Made a trip to the LCS today. Here are my pickups, including a couple for the Boyer PC.

[Image: 001.jpg]

A 1964 Topps Tony La Russa RC -- It's in great condition except for the pen mark on the top left.

[Image: 001e.jpg]

1960 Topps Ernie Broglio for the 60 team set

[Image: 001b.jpg]

1970 Topps Booklet Bob Gibson

[Image: 001c-1.jpg]

1963 Post Ken Boyer -- it's in bad shape, but I only paid $1 for it

[Image: 002.jpg]

1964 Topps Giant Ken Boyer - These are huge....

[Image: 001d.jpg]

1968 Topps Lou Brock High # -- appears to be in great shape

[Image: 001a.jpg]

1963 Topps Batting Leaders with Stan
Very nice!
Congrats, very nice pick-ups
Some more Cardinal pick-ups:

[Image: 1961ToppsKenBoyerAS.jpg]

[Image: 1968ToppsOrlandoCepedaASSGC88.jpg]

[Image: 1968ToppsCurtFlood180SGC88.jpg]

Thanks for looking
Very nice, I really like that Boyer.
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