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This is far from complete and frankly, I'm not sure when I'll stop. Originally, I was only going to pick up a few Emerald Freshman Fabric cards. They're tough to get since they're only #/5.

Then the new design for even the base cards grew on me. Here's what I have to date. I'll add to the thread as more come in. On the base Freshman Fabric Prime set, I have 25/35.

Just for fun, I'd thought I'd put together a veteran set like a fantasy football team I'd like to have. It's a work in progress.....

[Image: 10AntonioGatesMirrorEmerald004005.jpg] [Image: 10BrettFavreMirrorEmerald002005.jpg] [Image: 10DeveryHendersonMirrorEmerald005005.jpg]
[Image: 10DonaldDriverMirrorEmerald03005.jpg] [Image: 10FrankGoreMirrorEmerald001005.jpg] [Image: 10JamaalCharlesMirrorEmerald004005.jpg]
[Image: 10MarkSanchezMirrorEmerald005005.jpg] [Image: 10MauriceJones-DrewMirrorEmerald005005.jpg] [Image: 10MichaelTurnerMirrorEmerald002005.jpg]
Holy cow, Mel! Those are sick! That Favre must've cost you a pretty penny. And did Gate just miss the sticker entirely or what?
[Image: 10RayRiceMirrorEmerald005005.jpg] [Image: 10RoddyWhiteMirrorEmerald001005.jpg] [Image: 10SantonioHolmesMirrorEmerald002005.jpg]


[Image: 10AntonioBrownMirrorEmerald001005.jpg] [Image: 10BlairWhiteMirrorEmerald003005.jpg] [Image: 10CarltonMitchellMirrorEmerald003005.jpg]
[Image: 10DavidGettisMirrorEmerald003005.jpg] [Image: 10EdDicksonMirrorEmerald005005.jpg] [Image: 10JarrettBrownMirrorEmerald005005.jpg]
More Rookies

[Image: 10KerryMeierMirrorEmerald005005.jpg] [Image: 10KoaMisiMirrorEmerald005005.jpg] [Image: 10MorganBurnettMirrorEmerald003005.jpg]
[Image: 10PerrishCoxMirrorEmerald004005.jpg] [Image: 10PrestonParkerMirrorEmerald005005.jpg] [Image: 10SeanWitherspoonMirrorEmerald004005.jpg]
[Image: 10SeyiAjirotutuMirrorEmerald004005.jpg] [Image: 10TonyPikeMirrorEmerald004005.jpg] [Image: 10TysonAlualuMirrorEmerald004005.jpg]
(05-17-2011 02:34 PM)sconnienation3 Wrote: [ -> ]Holy cow, Mel! Those are sick! That Favre must've cost you a pretty penny. And did Gate just miss the sticker entirely or what?

Gates does it a lot, unfortunately. Tough being a big fan of his, and a big time hater of off-sticker auto's. Sad
Certified Freshman Fabric......the good stuff!

[Image: 10AndreRobertsCertFF005005.jpg] [Image: 10ArmantiEdwardsCertFF004005.jpg]
[Image: 10ArreliousBennCertFF004005.jpg] [Image: 10BrandonLaFellCertFF002005.jpg]
[Image: 10CJSpillerCertFF002005.jpg] [Image: 10ColtMcCoyCertFF005005.jpg]
[Image: 10DemaryiusThomasCertFF00105.jpg] [Image: 10EricDeckerCertFF001005.jpg]
[Image: 10GeraldMcCoyCertFF001005.jpg] [Image: 10GoldenTateCertFF005005.jpg]
Nice collection.
[Image: 10JahvidBestCertFF001005.jpg] [Image: 10JermaineGreshamCertFF002005.jpg]
[Image: 10JimmyClausenCertFF001005.jpg] [Image: 10JoeMcKnightCertFF001005.jpg]
[Image: 10JonathanDwyerCertFF003005.jpg] [Image: 10MarcusEasleyCertFF002005.jpg]
[Image: 10MardyGilyardCertFF004005.jpg] [Image: 10MikeKafkaCertFF001005.jpg]
[Image: 10MontarioHardestyCertFF001005.jpg] [Image: 10NdamukongSuhCertFF001005.jpg]
WOW...Very impressive collection!!
Those Emerald FF are just sick.
Final Five.....
[Image: 10RobGronkowskiCertFF001005.jpg] [Image: 10RolandoMcClainCertFF001005.jpg]
[Image: 10SamBradfordCertFFEmerald003005.jpg] [Image: 10TimTebowCertFF002005.jpg]
[Image: 10TobyGerhartCertFF001005.jpg]
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