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(05-21-2012 03:16 PM)jblaze1718 Wrote: [ -> ]:O Tough to find a low #d card from that far back emerge, nice pick up!

Yeah, not something I would have found in my normal eBay searches. I just go lucky and saw it, then I won it a a great price.
Even though Kevin Youkilis was traded, he is still my favorite player, and I am still going to collect him. If any Red Sox fans are looking to get rid of their Youk cards, I would be glad to take them off of your hands. Here is my newest Youk patch.

[Image: 1youktributepatch.jpg]
Got these 3 in the mail today...
[Image: 1youkbooklet.jpg]

[Image: 1youkstclub999.jpg]

[Image: 1youkstclub1of1.jpg]
Really close to 400 Youks.


[Image: 1youkbowmanblue.jpg]


[Image: 1youktierjersey.jpg]

and 400 is in the mail. I will post a separate thread for that one, being a milestone and a pretty awesome 1/1.
This is definately the thickest card in my collection. Barely fits in a 360PT toploader...

[Image: 1youk2009button.jpg]
Huge fan of all star patches. Hoping to pick up more of these if the price is right. Expecting a couple more packages in the mail, both of which should be pretty nice.

[Image: 1youktripleallstarpatch.jpg]
Newest jumbo patch...

[Image: 1youkultimatejumbopatch.jpg]
Nice button and patch addtions.
(10-31-2012 09:33 PM)CincinnatiKid Wrote: [ -> ]Nice button and patch addtions.

Thanks! The last few maildays have been pretty nice.
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