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Nice collection
(05-31-2011 05:42 PM)dkotart Wrote: [ -> ]Nice collection

I now have all 4 black plates from gypsy queen.
[Image: youkminiblackreg.jpg]
Is the tick FT?
(05-31-2011 11:36 PM)bustin 5 knots Wrote: [ -> ]Is the tick FT?

I sold it to UD for their entomology cards
I finally picked one of these up. I kept trying to trade my crap cards on diamond giveaway for this, and I almost wet myself when somebody actually accepted the trade! It is non numbered one. I can't wait to get it shipped!
[Image: youkdiamonddiecut.jpg]
[Image: youkudauto.jpg]
This is a nice card!
This is my 250th Youk, and my first magenta plate. This one was pretty expensive as far as printing plates go. Now I just need the cyan to complete the rainbow!
[Image: Youkilisgypsymagentaplate.jpg]
This is the mini leather 3/10. I have been watching this one for a while, but the price was to high. Today I checked and the price dropped, so I bought it.
[Image: youkminileather.jpg]
[Image: youkginterbat.jpg]
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