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Its small but I like it Smile

[Image: Mar24229.jpg]
[Image: Mar24230.jpg]
[Image: Mar24231.jpg]
[Image: Mar24232.jpg]
[Image: Mar24234.jpg]
[Image: Mar24235.jpg]
[Image: Mar24236.jpg]
[Image: Mar24237.jpg]
[Image: Mar24238.jpg]
[Image: Mar24239.jpg]
[Image: Mar24240.jpg]
[Image: Mar24241.jpg]
[Image: Mar24242.jpg]
[Image: Mar24243.jpg]
[Image: Mar24244.jpg]
[Image: Mar24245.jpg]
[Image: Mar24246.jpg]
I just got this is today (didn't see it in there). you need it?
2010 topps chrome #TMB-1
Nice collection branesergen. I always like the field (?) autos from GG, wish they didn't move that set to Epix. Keep us updated!
RGF - Yeah I have it its in a frame in my room with some Ricky and Jordan items. I actually forgot to pull it out for this thread lol

Mrgonzo - Thanks! I intend to keep it going! I hope lol
ok. no worries. just wanted to give you first dibs.
Appreciate it man Smile

heck no, thats a real nice PC of a top growing stud!!!!
keep it up, looks great!!
That's not small in my book! Also, I know I've said this before but I really really love the Contenders Rookie Tickets this year. That's where I'm putting most of my collecting money this year. Especially since the SPX and SP Authentic have gone collegiate on me.

Great Job guy! I'd give a bunch to have just one of those autos!
Nice start! he's gonna be a star.
Thanks guys! If anyone has any for trade hit me up! Big Grin
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